OLD CAPTAIN Double Tilt Out Trash Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Garbage Can Free Standing Holder (White)


  • Material:MDF
  • Multifunction:This trash bin cabinet with negative ion and deodorizing function.Effectively removes odors and harmful substances. Ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen trash can.It can be used to store diapers to solve the odor difficulty
  • Saving Space & Hidden: The tilt out style can hide the trash can well to keep the kitchen exquisite and floor clean,Perfect way to hide trash and keep dogs out
  • Details & Dimension: 37.5”L x 15”W x 32”H. Tilt-out storage cabinet which fits up to two 10 Gallon Trash Can(This product does not contain a trash can)
  • Simple design will be perfect for dressing up your kitchen, home, apartment, dorm room, etc.It can be used as a kitchen island.It can also be used to store dog food, cat food, etc., and the top can be used to place decoratives, daily supplies and so on
  • Need to be self-assembled, all necessary hardware and instructions have been included. If any shipping damage when it arrives or is defective during usage, please feel free to write to us, we will provide the best solution in 24 hours

Negative Ion and Deodorizing Function

  • Short press the A button to turn on/off, and the default mode of boot is ozone and negative ion to work together, and the time is 1 minute.
  • B button short press once for selection time for 5 minutes; short press twice for selection time for 15 minutes; short press 3 times for selection time 30 minutes; at this time ,if short press again the selection time will back to 1 minute; short press once again to return to work for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes.
  • Short press the C button to select mode, touch and short press 1 time to select ozone operation, and then touch and short press 1 time to select negative ions to work, and then touch and press 1 time to select ozone and negative ion work together. Press again to cycle.
  • If there is no operation within two seconds of selecting the function button, the screen will be locked, if you need to unlock the screen again you should long press the function button you want to select for two seconds.


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